About Us

Offspring Closet is garments which speak art, every dress tells a story in itself. It will make you reminisce your childhood. It could be a memory, a familiar smell or a song that brings a smile. The bees in the garden; the butterflies fluttering past you, the touch of a soft flower petal, it’s all this and much more. It’s an emotion

Craftsmen ship for children is much more different yet more challenging than anything else. The garments have to look interesting, colorful yet fuss free and comfortable. We ensure that every child feels special with every garment they wear



Mumbai based designer Aisha Talayilath is a graduate from SNDT Fashion college is founder of the brand Offspring closet. The envision came while designing for her daughter and she pursued in 2022 to form a brand that makes luxury kids wear accessible to all because all kids deserve to feel loved and special. She has ensured that her clothes reach a wider spread of audience with varied tastes interests and requirements.